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Wednesday, December 16th

Check back often for our new "Did you know?" feature, which is located on the right side bar. There, you can learn interesting facts about the show and the cast and crew!

Friday, November 13th

To celebrate Friday the 13th, a new episode has been released! You can watch the episode by clicking on the "Episodes" button or by Clicking HERE.

Friday, October 23rd

With the 31st only about a week away, the Halloween episode of "Scared Stiff" is now available HERE!

Friday, September 25th

The season premier of "Scared Stiff" has been posted! You can watch the episode by clicking on the Episodes button on the left of the page or by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, September 16th

The new season of "Scared Stiff" begins next Friday the 25th of September! Stay tuned for all new tales of terror!

Tuesday, July 28th

A new artist has been added to the art gallery. Please take a look at the amazing art of Chad Savage in the Scared Stiff Art Gallery HERE.

Saturday, July 11th

The "Scared Stiff" online store is now open! Feel free to come shopping anytime. New items will be released frequently. Show everyone what your favorite internet horror show is! Makes great gifts! You can enter the store by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, July 1st

With the big Fourth of July movie weekend upon us, it is time to enjoy the summer's biggest movies. And today, the season finale of "Scared Stiff" has finally been released! You can watch the episode by clicking on the "EPISODES" button on the left side of the page, or by clicking HERE.

Friday, May 29th

The Scared Stiff Art Gallery is now open! Check out the amazing artwork of a couple of amazing artists by clicking HERE or by clicking on the Art Gallery button on the left side of the page.

Wednesday, May 27th

We are pleased to announce the opening of the "Scared Stiff Art Gallery"! Opening this weekend, the gallery will feature work from many talented horror artists from around the world. Be sure to check out the "Scared Stiff Art Gallery" starting this weekend!

Friday, May 22nd

A new episode of Scared Stiff has been released! You can access the episode by clicking HERE or by clicking the "EPISODES" button. In this creepy episode, a woman tells the story of a relationship gone bad. Very bad!

Monday, April 6th

The most recent episode has been released on our YouTube page!

Monday, March 16th

After much delay, the next episode of "Scared Stiff" is now available on the "Episodes" page. As always, the episode will remain exclusive to this website before being released on our YouTube page next week. Enjoy the show!

Saturday, February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day horror fans. We apologize for the delay of the next "Scared Stiff" episode. Principal photography has wrapped on the next episode and it should be ready to debut next week. In the meantime, bring your sweetheart out to the theatres and go see Jason's return in "Friday the 13th"! It's a bloody good time!

Wednesday, January 21st

Today we unveil our brand new look! Things have been very busy here at Scared Stiff. Several new episodes are currently in production, with the first new episode releasing within the next two weeks!

Wednesday, December 31st

We at "Scared Stiff" hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. 2009 looks to be a big year for "'Scared Stiff". Several new episodes are currently in production and will be available to you soon! On top of that we will be unveiling our new look to start the new year and releasing commentaries on the first four episodes! Happy New Years!

Friday, December 12th

A new episode has been posted! We have also started an FAQ in the extras section.

Thursday, November 27th

Hello all! We would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to check back next week for a BRAND NEW episode of SCARED STIFF!!!

Sunday, November 9th

A new episode of "Scared Stiff" is now available!

Monday, November 3rd

I hope you all had a great Halloween and enjoyed many great scary movies. Here at "Scared Stiff", our season has just started! We currently have several new episodes in production. Don't forget to join the mailing list, so you will be informed when the new episodes are released!

Friday, October 31st

We would like to wish you a very happy Halloween! Don't forget to watch plenty of scary movies and eat a lot of Halloween candy! Stay tuned for the next episode coming next week!

Sunday, October 19th

Hello fans! Exciting new episodes are now in production! Stay tuned for the newest shows. If you would like to join our mailing list and recieve emails whenever a new episode is released, send an email to Doug@ScaredStiff.tv.

Saturday, October 4th

A new episode is now available for download! Check out the episodes page for the latest show.

Saturday, September 27th

I hope everyone enjoyed the first episode of "Scared Stiff." Next Saturday, the second episode will be available to view and download!

This week we also launched our own YouTube channel where you can rate the episodes and leave comments for other viewers! You can view our YouTube page here.

Saturday, September 20th

It's finally here! Today is the debut of our premier episode. You can watch it by going to the "Episodes" page and clicking on the show logo. From there you can choose a format to view it in, or download for your iPhone or portable viewing device! Enjoy!

Saturday, September 13th

Horror fans, only one more week to go before the premier episode of "Scared Stiff"! Check out the episodes page for a breif synapsis of the first episode!

Saturday, September 7th

We are pleased to announce that "Scared Stiff" will premier on Saturday, September 20th. Stay tuned to Scared Stiff.tv for more information!




"Scared Stiff" has been seen around the world on six continents!





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