At the end of humanity, three groups of survivors hear a radio call from a mysterious man on the radio. He states that he has food, ammo and a survival plan for the first person who can make it to the radio station alone. A race to the finish ensues as the six survivors try to be first to make it to the radio station as it appears to be their last hope for survival. This is the first of a four part series.
  It's Halloween night once again and Tiny is out collecting candy. What obstacle does Tiny face and could this possibly be Tiny's final Halloween? Find out in "Tiny's Halloween 3" featuring music from the Calabrese, the world's greatest rock horror band!
Hannah lives home alone with her mentally abusive father. A familiar voice in the wind tries to contact to her to help her. What is the voice telling her to do? Find out in this follow up to the original "A Whisper in the Wind".
Before being forced from his land, a farmer leaves his farm to a corrupt realtor. Why does he decide to give it to him? Find out in "Curse of the Scarecrow"!
Sometimes the best part of the cereal is the free toy inside. Sometimes it is not. Find out what is inside Captain Happy's Crunchy O's in this micro-horror short!
Jaime is always taking the blame for the trouble her friend Samantha causes. Why don't Jaime's parents believe that she is innocent? Find out in "Imaginary".
Geena wakes up in the middle of an abandoned house. Upon leaving the house, she finds that there is no one else around and she is all alone. Where did everyone go and is she the last person on earth?

Two lovers move into their first house together, but their dreams may be shattered by an unknown occupant.

Featuring music by Amy Alley.

A young boy sneaks down to take a peak at his Christmas present. He learns an important lesson in this heart-warming coming of age Christmas classic short film.
A boy is out on Halloween alone trick or treating when he accepts a ride from a strange man.
A video tape is found showing two people who have been lost for several months. What happened to them and why did they never come back?
Desperatly trying to save his marriage, a man orders his wife water from the one of their favorite vacation spots.This mysterious tale was written by Bob Madia.
With no help from her babysitter, a little girl is forced to face the mysterious closet monster alone!
Deep in the woods along the Appalachian Trail, three hikers are terrorized by an unknown assailant.
After a long hard fought battle against the undead, one of the last men on Earth seeks solace in a nearby church by confessing his sins to a priest, who has also survived the zombie invasion.
Dreaming about becoming engaged, Amy receives a text message from her boyfriend who proceeds to play a game on her.
It's Halloween night once again, and Tiny is out going door to door. This year, is he out for more treats, or will he be forced to hand out more tricks of his own?
Giving up hope after countless doctor's visits, a man visits a woman who practices magic in hopes of ridding his body of a terminal cancer. What happens when he gets more than he bargains for? Find out in "Alternative Medicine".
A man is having trouble writing a suicide note. Why is he having such a hard time coming up with the words? Find out when Joe Nemchek stars in "Scared Stiff - My Last Words"!
A man is laying in bed having nightmares. With each passing dream, a little more is learned of the man's inner psyche. Who is this man, and what does he do? The revelation of who this man is make his dreams truly terrifying!
A young girl hears a familiar voice as she is swinging on her swing set. Who is speaking to her, and why does she hear the voice
A Welcome Mat shows up on Bert's doorstep with no request or explanation and Bert vows to discover the reason.
Out on a first date, Jon gets confronted by his date's over-protective mother who doesn't approve of him.
Studying late into the night for a big test, Megan decides to confront a noisy neighbor who is being a major distraction. Find out what happens next in, "Taking the Bait"!
Dennis has been through a tough time lately. He decides it would be easier to end his life and go out on his own terms. But someone decides to help Dennis with his plan, whether he likes it or not!
Tiny is going house to house this Halloween. Is he out to get Treats, or to give out Tricks?
Carol is running for her life! Who is chasing her and why is she running away from them?
A Dancer has a run in with an obsessed fan the day before her debut performance in New York City.
A Woman tells a terrifying tale of a truly abusive relationship.
One day a year, Diana lives in fear. What happens to her that makes her fear that day? And how will she react when she is forced to face it alone?
A burglar gets more than he bargains for when he realizes the secret behind the house that he is robbing.
A vampire falls in love with a would be victim.
A nearly blind man depends on his camera to survive an attack from an intruder on Halloween night.
With a killer on the loose, it is up to Dr. Harding to save a battered man, clinging to his life, who collapses into his office.


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